BookEX is a collection of Perl/database code for a web-based system geared towards college students wanting to buy/sell/trade textbooks with other students.

Current Version

The current version is 0.8-devel. This version includes some changes that have not yet been tested in a production environment but please test it if you can. If you are currently in the planning/development stages of a site, this is the best version to start with.


It was originally started by the Student Government Association at the University of Texas at Dallas to create the Online Book Exchange as a service for our students. The project became very popular very quickly and outgrew the code base. Also, other schools started expressing an interest in creating similar systems for their own students. So, it was decided that a new system should be developed and released under the GNU General Public License . That's what this page is all about.

Using BookEX

If you'd like to setup your own site using BookEX, you'll need to know how to develop webpages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Template-Toolkit. Familiarity with Perl, CGI and MySQL will also be helpful. Now, you may want to subscribe to the announce mailing list to be notified when new code is released. See the INSTALL file for more details.


Although this code is still in development, you can dowload the current version here.


You can view an online demo of the system here.

The following are real live sites using the BookEX code that show how your site can be easily customized with the templates. Please do not add test data to these sites; Use the demo site above for that.

Similar Projects

More Info

For more info about BookEX, you can contact Stuart Johnston. The CSS code for this web page was obtained from The BlueRobot and modified by Bob Medley. Other resources are also available on the SourceForge Project Page.

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